You can order directly by clicking on the Menu tab or on telephone number 0948 111 112. Delivery fees depend on the place of delivery in the following zones:


Area 1 - €1 delivery fee

Džungľa, Sever, Staré Mesto

Area 2 - €2 delivery fee

Kavečany Sídlisko Ťahanovce
Luník IX
Sídlisko KVP Západ 
Dargovských hrdinov            
Košická Nová Ves
Nad jazerom Vyšné Opátske    

Area 3 - €4 delivery fee

Pereš Poľov
Krásna Šebastovce

Area 4 - €6 delivery fee



Discount of 10% with the take-away at Koshi Sushi, Korýtkova 2216/1, Košice

It is possible to pre-order your sushi as well, provided you state the exact date, time you wish to receive your order and place of delivery. It is necessary to provide us with these details minimum 1 hr prior to required time of delivery..

Minimum order: € 5,90 €. Free delivery on orders over  € 30
Each meal box contains: 1 portion of soya sauce, wasabi, pickled ginger and a pair of Japanese chopsticks.